This is a niche of my own- to scribble my jumbled thoughts, my ramblings and musings; some prose and some poetry. I’m not a writer by profession but I wish to share my writings with you.

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  • And in The End..
    Inspired by MLMM’s Tale Weaver– The End and incorporating Paula’s Thursday Inspiration #82– Space. And in the end, the two became threeAs her scent… Continue Reading →
  • 1 Min Fiction #6
    When the day seems long and your spirits are down, a kind word goes a long way, to bring a smile. Just believe in… Continue Reading →
  • Their Bond
    Written for MLMM’s Photo Challenge #340, hosted by Nekneeraj. Amira emerged from the bathroom, rubbing her long wet hair with a towel as she… Continue Reading →
  • Her Conduct
    “Mrs Wardner, there have been some concerns regarding your professional conduct,” came the prim voice of her boss’s superior as she sat down in… Continue Reading →
  • TWT #11
    20 Words Tuesday- Support
  • Windmill Waltzes
    Inspired by Michelle’s November Writing Prompts– Windmill waltzes Sepia seeped memoriesOf first glances,Of breath mingling;Some of sunny morn,Some of dew tipped grasses. Fingers entangled,… Continue Reading →
  • 6WSP #15
    6 Word Story Prompt- Stars
  • Logical Lies
    Inspired by November Writing Prompt- Logical Lies. These logical lies, so painfully beautifulA grain of truth within, they compel me to seek;Wrapped in deceit,… Continue Reading →
  • Balance #WDYS
    Sadje is the host of What Do You See #55, where we have to write an original story, poem or a caption inspired by… Continue Reading →
  • Share Your World #14
    Share Your World 11-9-2020 is hosted by Melanie and she has a few questions for us. ┬áDo you like or dislike surprises? Why or… Continue Reading →
  • Tiny Tale #6- 100WW
    This is for Bikurgurl’s 100 Word Wednesday #173. Days after the landslide, some of the shops at the local market were opened. A young… Continue Reading →
  • TWT #10
    20 Words Tuesday- Self-love

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