This is a niche of my own- to scribble my jumbled thoughts, my ramblings and musings; some prose and some poetry. I’m not a writer by profession but I wish to share my writings with you.

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  • Share Your World #16
    Melanie has posed these questions in her series Share Your World 7/6/21 which are quite fun to answer. What’s the worst commercial you’ve recently seen (or heard)?… Continue Reading →
  • 3Line Tales #14
    With pride she wore the colours of pride, her tales of sin painted upon her skin; Yet the sun in the sky and those mountains… Continue Reading →
  • Words and Meanings
    Prompts I’ve combined these prompts: Shweta’s Six Word Story Prompt where the theme is Miracle and MLMM’s Saturday Mix where we have to use opposite… Continue Reading →
  • Crescendo- #WWP
    Sammi Cox is the host for the Weekend Writing Prompt where we have to write a prose/poem within the specified wordcount. The theme this week… Continue Reading →
  • Death’s Kiss
    Autumn leaves adorned as jewels, In the dark I awaited death’s cold kiss; As I lay beside prickly dried bramble, Autumn leaves adorned as jewels…. Continue Reading →
  • The Confident Professor
    The temp professor felt quite confident as he strutted down the hall towards the tutorial room. It was a selected group, just a few kids… Continue Reading →
  • Photograph In A Box- #writephoto
    While relocating to a new flat across the city seemed exciting for her son, it was more of a headache for Raveena. A 35 year… Continue Reading →
  • Tiny Tale #7
    Two figures stood near the lake, beneath a tree. “It’s a strange play of nature.” Joanna commented wryly, peering at the overcast sky. ” ‘Twas… Continue Reading →
  • 1 Min Fiction #8
    What did I not do to stop you from going away today? Scratched your hand, dropped a hairball or two all over your pristine suit,… Continue Reading →
  • TWT #13
    I dreamt of your laughter, echoing in our garden as you sat on your favourite swing, beckoning me to follow. Written for Bulbul’s Twenty Word… Continue Reading →
  • Share Your World #15
    Melanie in her post Share Your World 31-5-2021 has asked some interesting questions. What activity instantly calms you? Reading! I get immersed into the world… Continue Reading →
  • Combined #FPQ
    In this post, I’ll answer Fandango’s Provocative Questions both, for this week (news) and last week (lesson). Thank you Fandango for such interesting questions. What… Continue Reading →

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