A New Ending to the Frog and the Nightingale..

Photo by Martin Lopez on Pexels.com

As the moon rose into the night,
She stood alone, out of sight.
Eyes gleaming with tears, she looked at the moon
And prayed to God, to end this ordeal soon.

The goddess of wisdom, whispered in her ears
The words that bade farewell to her fears.
As the night grew dark, the winds screeched and screamed,
All night long, she stood as though she dreamed.
“I have created this world, for each creature’s place,
To develop on their own, with beauty and grace.
Your song must be your own and shall remain your own,
The seeds of your future, must be sown.”

For a week thereafter, she stood her ground,
And none in the bog heard from her a single sound.
As the crowd went for a vote,
The frog knew not what to quote.

The bog came alive on the eighth day,
They crowded round for her say.
She sang her melody, sweet and clear;
All creatures gathered, her song to hear.

The frog stood alone, too stunned to swear;
As the crowd bestowed upon her, all their love and care.
The frog turned around, about to protest;
But they declared her the best, without contest.

She flew into the night, her wings spread wide;
And her song rode high, like the ocean tide

DISCLAIMER: This is just a posting of a school exercise. It is not for commercial or any other malicious purpose. This post doesn’t intend to distort the original ending of the poem or hurt any sentiments. It is just the writer’s appreciation for the poem and her homage to the poet Vikram Seth.

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