Midnight Mischief

This is written for Sunday Photo Fiction. The challenge was to use the picture as inspiration to write a story in 200 words or less.

Photo courtesy of Sue-Z

Mind preoccupied, I exited my bedroom to tidy up the kitchen before checking on the kids and retiring for the night. But I happened upon the open door to the linen cupboard in the hall, duvets and bed-sheets missing. I checked the kitchen and the living room, empty of some eatables and pillows. 

Had I been robbed?  I peeked into the kids’ room; two still lumps beneath their comforter. But the faint light from the backyard scared me.  

Even as I stepped into my backyard, my mind screamed Danger! Caution! But I was determined to gather empirical evidence of the theft, even catch the thief.

I found my mother’s lamp at the end of the path and a whispered conversation reached my ears. An accomplice?

There, sitting upon the missing duvets and sheets, clutching pillows and torches while gorging upon my homemade brownies and sipping apple juice, were my two ruffians. Having a secret garden slumber party.

Now, I could go over and shout, “Explain at once!”

But I chose to join in on their midnight escapade. After all, it’d been long since I’d indulged in some mischief and carefree adventures of my own.

(Word Count 194)


Other prompts are:-

#RDP– Explain

#FOWC– Empirical

3TC#282– Garden, Determine & Conversation

#YDW– Caution

© 2020, Cozy Quiet Corner.

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