Share Your World #1

This is for Share Your World 6-29-2020 hosted by Melanie. She will post four or five different questions each week for us to answer.

Must we have evidence to know the truth?

In most cases, evidence substantiates and strengthens the truth. I feel it’s essential to verify facts and narratives of any situation in order to trust them. So, proofs and evidences play an important role in identifying whether something presented is true or not.

But in matters of faith and religion (like God, Heaven and Hell etc.), it’s the strength of our conviction and devotion that sustains us. Here, evidence isn’t required to believe something.

How much control does a person have over their life?

As children, we have little control since most of the essential decisions are taken by our parents. But as adults, we have much better control over our lives. We are able to steer the course of our life to some extent, like our choice of career (or lack of), choice of life partner (or go for arrange marriage) and others.

But of-course, our circumstance of birth- social status, finance, nationality, religion are beyond our control. So, whatever we can make of ourselves with the available resources and opportunities, is to our own credit.

What is gravity and how does it work?

Gravity is what your 4 year old self learns, after believing that jumping of the top of the shelf will make you fly like your favourite superhero; only to have the white floor land a smack to your face. You know that you won’t forget the lesson soon.

Can a person be happy if they have never experienced sadness?  How about vice versa?

It’s a cycle, both happiness and sadness paying a visit to you one after the other, all your life. We realise the value of our happier times in the midst of our saddest; and realise the importance of those trying times when we are at the peak of our hard-earned happiness.

Each of these emotions define the other, for happiness would become mere contentment without sadness and sadness would lose its identity without its opposite.


Please feel free to share a song, a poem, a quote or an image or photo to show what you were grateful for during this past week.

In the past, I had thought of myself as a failure, a mediocre/talent-less girl who would amount to nothing (just like some people expected). But I’m grateful for those difficult phases in life- they made me realise that if I could overcome those days, one-at-a-time and now, I can handle everything life throws at me.

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  1. Lovely Share Your World! Your answers were very thoughtful, making me believe that you’ve indeed walked through the fire, but also danced in the rain! I love that quote, thanks for sharing the meme! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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