Behind the Wall

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“I don’t wanna explore this dump,” cried a young girl of ten, as she was dragged past an old, wooden boundary wall with chipped off blue paint. Her adventurous younger sister had been curious about what lay behind the wall. Across the grass and feather strewn ground, Marina tried to wriggle out of the younger’s death grip.

As they reached the cracked stone platform with six surrounding column stumps, Marina pushed her off with a mighty shove. She landed next to a rusty ladder, but quickly regained her balance.

Photo courtesy of Pixabay

About to scowl at her sister, she was stopped by a growl coming from the crevice. “What is that? Exactly how deep is this?” Marina fired off, looking around suspiciously. Maggie simply dropped a coin in it, as though making a wish and flashed her torchlight.

“I assume we should have heard something by now?” Marina sneered after a moment. “This isn’t normal, Rina. It’s magical,” Maggie grinned. Just then, the coin shot into the air and started spinning above their heads. Screeching, Marina grabbed her sister, turned tail and fled the scene. Neither sister noticed the red skull symbol that appeared on the boundary wall planks.


Word Limit: 196

Written for Sunday Photo Fiction (pic 2) and Flash Fiction for the Purposeful Practitioner Week #280 (pic 1).

Some other prompts:- #FOWC– Assume ; #RDP– Feathers ; #YDWP– Balance ; 3TC#293– Normal & Exactly ; Word of the Day- Wish

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