The Secret Spot

This is for Crispina’s Crimson’s Creative Challenge #87. We have to respond with something creative in 150 words or less.


She entered through the illustrated brass door into the secret spot, escaping the negotiations for the future investment conducted by her mother’s team in the adjacent land. With tentative steps, she explored the place, before nearing the well’s edge. ‘It’s quiet in here,’ she mused.

Giving into the spirit of rhathymia, she twisted her body and jumped onto the central stone. She wiped it before siting down, shoulders slumped and toes dipped in the dirty water. She could finally take off her mask and relax.

Her modelesque look with the tight black dress, was successful in gaining her one point in the game of taunts against her mother , who’d sneered, “Trying to evoke lust in others?”

If anyone peeked in now, they’d see the usually unstoppable girl at peace, gently swaying to a tune unheard.


(140 words)

My first attempt of MLMM’s Wordle. In this, we have to use all the words listed below.

Rhathymia- carefree behavior; light-heartedness.

Also, other prompts:- #FOWC– Tentative; #RDP– Brass; Word of the Day– Unstoppable; 3TC#295– Edge & Point.

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