The Magic of Hope- #WDYS

This is in response to Sadje’s What Do You See #38. Does this image inspires you to write something? Write an original story, poem or a caption.

Image credit- Stefan Keller- Pixabay

The elderly mage stood waiting at the stairs of the Abode; gaze affixed at the cloudy morning sky. Just then, he heard the sound of mighty wings beating in the air as a huge dragon emerged from the clouds. This magnificent creature of black and gold gracefully landed on the stairs before the old man, bending to let the small human slide down her back.

Jason stroked the hard scales of Keora’s neck, a radiant smile on his fourteen-year-old face. As he turned to face the mage, his heart lurched in his chest. He couldn’t quite believe that this was the last time he would see them.

“Please don’t go. Please, Emrys.” The teary-eyed boy pleaded with the old man, who conjured a floating bag of chicken for the dragon.

“This matter is beyond my control now, child. The Magical Council had voted on this a week ago. Now, all of us must follow through.” Emrys sighed, clasping Jason’s shoulders. “I tried my best to convince them that retreat to our secret Magical Realm was not the answer. That we must work with the No-Majs to prevent such crimes and destructions…”  

Jason bit the inside of his cheeks as a sickening feeling swamped him. He’d been counting on Emrys, the greatest mage of all times to stop the retreat of all magical beings to their Realm of Magic, where non-magical (No-Maj) humans or animals could never enter.

Jason’s heart refused to accept that he would never see another magical creature- mages, elves, dwarfs, feys, griffins, dragons, unicorns, centaurs and so many more, ever again. His favourite fairy galas, with their never-ending food and drinks, fairy dust sparking in the air above huge bonfires, winged beasts gliding in the air and spitting out coloured flames (even better than the fireworks) … Would they just remain mere memories? Would he never see Ronin’s magic tricks again? Help Hunan and gang collect herbs from the floating forest? Ride atop Keora and her siblings?

Why could the humans not listen to these guardians of the nature? Why did they have to conquer lands and destroy forests? But mostly, why reject their offer of compromise? What did they hope to gain by driving these magnificent beings from their land?

Emrys glanced back, the Abode was glowing with a bright green light. It was time to leave. He bent down, look deep into Jason’s hazel eyes. He needed to be told the High Seer’s prediction, if only to give humanity one last chance.   

“My dear boy, there is something you need to know and always remember.” Jason turned away from watching Keora; he would miss her a lot.

“We may leave this realm, but you are not being abandoned. Remember: When the Great Evil arrives; when defeat seems inevitable; when humanity is on the brink of surrendering; when all hope seems to have been swallowed by the fog of despair… The Magical Realm will open to the one bearing the courage of griffins, compassion of elves, tenacity of dwarfs, innocence of unicorns and the heart of mages.”

Jason watched Emrys mount Keora and in a smooth twist, belying the massive size of the creature, disappear through the door of the castle.

The teen found himself standing on a vast, green field as the foggy whether cleared and the sun peeked from behind the clouds. It seemed empty, even at this time of the morning. With a heavy heart, but a small smile on his face, Jason started his journey back home.

A voice seemed to whisper in the air, ‘All hope is not lost yet’.


For Paula’s Thursday Inspiration #65. The theme was Magic.

‘…it will inspire you to write something creative, perhaps a poem or a piece of flash fiction.’

Other prompts are:- Word of the Day– Sickening; #FOWC– Matter; 3TC#299– Chicken, Counting & Bit; #YDWP– Gala

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