The Glistening Waters-#writephoto

Alistair felt her sit next to him on the boulder, feet in the sand as they watched the sun glisten upon the waves, like a thousand diamonds scattered upon the surface of the sea. A dreamy scene, on a warm autumn evening.

“You should’ve spent this time together,” she whispered. Even without turning around, he knew there was a faint smile on her face. “We had breakfast together and we’ll go out for dinner,” he defended, shoulders hunched. “She’s an adult now. Has got new buddies, a busy social life and other interesting things to do than spend the whole day cooped up inside the house with her old man.”

She huffed a laugh, “She’ll always be your little girl, regardless of her mailing address or surname. You know her, Al.” She’d have left everything to spent this day with you, remained unsaid. His daughter would be returning back to her university campus tomorrow.

She had always been perceptive, his wife; one glance enough for her to gauge his thoughts and emotions, even when he’d struggled to identify and express them. Like father, like daughter; she would laugh after the father-daughter duo finally resolved their fights, born of their mis-communications.

The horizon was painted crimson by the setting sun, reminding him of the summer dress she’d worn the first time they’d kissed at this very beach. Her laughter carried in the gentle sea-breeze. “Boorish and arrogant, had been my first impression, did you know?”

He had known, of course. And she’d often been angry at him, in those early years; before her patience and compassion had seeped through the cracked walls of his heart. In his mind’s eye, he saw his younger self running towards her, hair dripping wet from his evening swim as she read a book on the picnic towel. She had squealed in mock outrage as he’d shaken his long hair, spraying her with salty water.

She shifted around, her favourite seashell bracelets clinking together. Just like her mother, Lily had loved to collect the sandy seashells, clean them out and stringing them pretty necklaces and wrist-bands.

“I’ll miss her…” These words left behind a lump in his throat. It had been lonely without Lily, Alistair admitted to himself. The morning jogs and weekend fishing trips had seemed incomplete, without her around to tease him out of his ‘grumpy’ mood.

Just like I miss you, remained unspoken as he finally turned around. Her silhouette faded away, like that of the sun settling down to rest; only hers had been eternal.

With a last glance at the spot beside him, he stood and walked back home; to the sound of their song– the crashing waves reaching to unite the sea to the sky.


This is for Sue Vincent’s Thursday Photo Prompt- Glisten. Use the image below as inspiration to create a post on your own blog… poetry, prose, humour… light or dark, whatever you choose, as long as it is fairly family-friendly.

Other prompts:- #RDP– Dreamy; #FOWC– Boorish; Word of the Day– United; 3TC#303– Been, Clean & Wall; Daily Spur– Song

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