Tiny Tale #1


Mom and dad were fighting again. Nothing new, as far as Siya was concerned. Initially, they’d only had a few major disagreements after getting back together. But this quarantine period saw them engaging in epic fights regularly and many a frangible items being sacrificed to prevent possible homicide.

An independent woman with a fiery temper, her mother disliked having to do anything related to household-work. After all, she worked for much longer and earned more than her lackadaisical husband, who was tired of the naggings resulting from her overly-critical nature. Siya had come into their lives as a blessing, both vowing to do their best for this orphaned angel. But intentions could only do so much.

The little girl sat huddled in her bed, a bowl of colourful candies perched on her lap. Just like her sugared treat, with the sweet reds, sour yellow-oranges and minty-fresh green combining together to make this delicious, all-flavoured Rainbow Razzle; she wished that her strong-but-kind mother and funny-but-stubborn father would unite too, as a family.

NEKNEERAJ’s Photo Challenge #324 at Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie. Use above image as inspiration for a poem or short story.

Other prompts: Word of the Day– Initial; #FOWC– Epic; 3TC#308– Blessing & Household; #YDWP– Frangible; Daily Spur– Independent.

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