He Found At Last

Boden came from a family of distinguished cat-mosaps, with some unique and beautiful cat traits that manifested in each generation. Now, there were not many experimented subjects left in the world, after The Great War. So, these ani-mosaps were regarded with respect for enduring the ‘mad-phase-of-experiments’. But Boden could care less about this.

Now teenagers, no matter their species, could be cruel to one-another. Instead of being proud of his heritage, Boden was ashamed of it. These excrescences, alienating him from the rest of the student population, just had to go. That meant no cat-ears or cat-tail, please!

As a scientist, he was finally successful in inventing the formula for a concoction that would, when applied carefully on said appendages, make them invisible for many hours. His dream of becoming normal, just like the others, had finally come true. While his parents were lauding his success, having hung all of his prestigious medals and certificates on the walls of their little cottage; Boden was busy venturing out into the society as a ‘regular’ homo-sapien.

But after a while, he started to miss his quiet evenings; curled in front of the fireplace with a book and the way his mother gave such comforting head-rubs (Boden’s kitty side really missed those). He couldn’t understand the human propensity for cruelty and prejudice, even among their own race. And he hated these glittery parties with loud music. (Despite being invisible, his ears were sensitive!) He felt miserable.

It was after meeting Kiera, an attractive cat-mosap, that he realised that he’d been running after a mirage his whole life. She was proud of her heritage, and woe betide to the one who said anything to the contrary. It was her patience and compassion which lead him on a long journey of self-discovery. Gradually, he grew less afraid of his past and its hold on his future.

At last he found within him, what he’d been looking for everywhere: love, acceptance and confidence!

Inspired by Fandango’s Dog Days of August #7– ‘Something you found’.

Other prompts: #FOWC– Formula; #YDWP– Excrescence; #RDP– Quiet; 3TC#320– Hung & Cottage; Daily Spur– Past

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