A late post for Go Dog Go Cafe’s Tuesday Writing Prompt– Finish the phrase You tried to ruin me, but I…”

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You tried to ruin me, but I wish to thank you for your efforts,” Sneha spoke as she sat before him, forgoing any unnecessary small talk. Seven years later, Rhidham Nelson was still the same; a polite mask hiding the selfish and ruthless personality within. But she had changed.

“Is there a point to this? Or have you just come to shed some more tears, just like you did that night?” Ridham leaned back casually, a picture of control and arrogance. As though the night he’d kicked her out of their marital home, with just a few meagre possessions was just like any other night. “Whatever it is, say it quick. Unlike you, my time is worth a lot more than you can afford.”

Sneha wanted to smirk. His company, Nath Electronics was taking heavy losses after the design of a prototype had been leaked and the CFO’s semi-incestuous affair & subsequent divorce had checked the box of major scandal. Not to mention the rumours of a possible hostile take-over by the powerful Mendells, brewing in the horizon.

No, not his company, she mentally corrected herself. The company that he’d snatched from her ailing father with sweet promises of expansion and the illusion of success. The company that her ex-husband was now driving to the ground.

“Each of your taunts, accusations and schemes became the tools that I sharpened and the weapons that I forged for the arsenal that would one day tear you down from the throne of your castle-in-the-air.” She’d waited far too long for this day, to let the hisses from this cornered animal ruin it.

“I did the very thing that you accused me of- I opened my legs for favour and wealth.” Sneha’s voice was airy and dry, in contrast to her burning gaze. She was no longer the girl who’d tried to ameliorate their marriage, trampling on self-respect and self-esteem to please him. From a naive and obedient wife, content to discard her talents and passion for love; she’d transformed like the phoenix, emerging from the ashes smarter, stronger and angrier.

“And my feeble intellect and stupid efforts? They helped me climb the very corporate ladder that you’d convinced my father that his daughter would crash and burn.” It had been a hard journey, paved by her tears, fears, sweat and crushed spirits. But it had all been worth it, as she now stood before the man whose mocking laughter in the face of her pleas had haunted her dreams.

She’d forged a new life for herself and even found a semblance of happiness. But when an opportunity had come knocking in the form of a loose-tongued R&D head, she’d felt as though the universe itself was balancing the scales of justice.

Sneha handed him the envelope, the purpose behind this meeting; the papers within which would sweep the rug off his feet. Then turned to leave the office that would bear her name plate in the next few months, but paused at the door. She slid her business card across his desk, before striding down the corridor towards the lifts.

Sneha Mendell, Executive Director, Mendell Corporations

“Checkmate” she murmured, head held high. Revenge was all the more sweater when one could vanquish their enemy with the very schemes and means that they’d employed against you.

Other prompts: #RDP– Vanquish; #YDWP– Ameliorate; Word of the Day- Longer

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