Dreaming Shadows

Creeping through crevices
The shadows dance
Dislodging the dreams
Terror’s tyranny traumatises.

Fearing fracture
My fragile psyche escapes
Into the maze, trailing behind
These monsters of mind
Soundless spirits, shrouded in shade
Haunt the hallways
As I walk through my day.

But after dark
My defenceless dreams
Flicker and fragment
Dissolve into dust.

Longer and larger
Looming in the lanes
They guide my destiny
As I wade through their haze.

Alienated and alone, I walk all along
Till the essence of my existence
Drifts in the draught.
Tousling tresses, I’ll whisper in ears
To come seek us
In the dance of despair.

Word Count: 102

Crispina hosts the Crimson’s Creative Challenge. We have to offer something creative in 150 words or less, inspired by the photo.

Other inspirations were #RDP– Shadowy Explorations, Thursday Inspirations– Dream and August Writing Prompt– Shadow Monsters. Other prompts: Daily Spur– Tyranny

Β© 2020, Cozy Quiet Corner.

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