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“Of course the eyeliner and shadow are necessary!” Naira exclaimed, looking at her sister in disbelief. “Smoky eyes are the latest trend, you know. Think of them as… garnish to embellish a dish.”

“Does that mean I don’t have to wear the mask?” Myra asked, fiddling with her dress as Naira quickly finished setting her hair in an elaborate, fluffy style. “Duh!” Naira grunted, expertly eyeing her sister’s reflection in the mirror. “Don’t be stupid, My. There’s no masquerade without masks.”

Myra rolled her eyes. Her younger sibling; with her weird notions, her bizarre clothes, her love for glitters, parties and girly stuff simply frustrated her.

“A soiree, with a little pop music and some champaign is the perfect remedy for your bad day at work,” Naira chirped, her wide smile doing nothing to endear her to the sulking sibling. “Besides, think of all the hot and cute men available for flirting and enticing. Even with your aloofness will be tempted.” She tapped her red feathered mask, “All the fun, without any repercussions.”

“We’re in the 21st century, for God’s sake! We can dance, flirt and drink without having to cover our faces in shame.”

“Fine!” Naira huffed, throwing the second mask in anger as she exited the room. “Don’t wear it! And don’t come to the party. No one’s forcing you.”

Myra looked at her glittering pink mask, lying on the floor. She was tired of donning different masks throughout day- the attentive client, the obedient daughter, the efficient employee, the patient friend. She just wanted to live a little without another.

Written for Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie Tale Weaver #289– Masks

Other prompts: 3TC– Pop & Garnish; #YDWP– Frustrate; Word of the Day– Aloof

Β© 2020, Cozy Quiet Corner.

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