The Sun and The Moon

These two poems were inspired by Go Dog Go Cafés Tuesday Writing prompt– Catch the sunlight and Free Verse Revolution’s August Writing prompt– Half moon shadows.

Image from pixabay
Sun and moon
Two halves of a whole;
Eternally separated
United in farewell.

The dusk bids adieu
To a weary dipping sun;
As the twinkling twilight stars
Emerge on a purpling sky.

Dawn heralds a new day
Golden light spilling forth;
Chasing half moon's shadows
That hope to catch its rays.

This is my second one.

Tendrils unfurling
Half moon shadows
Swathed in darkness
Sweep across the expanse
Of a cosmic glittering blanket.

Waning and flourishing
This luminescent orb of night
Travels across galaxies
To reunite with the elusive
Resplendid ball of fire.

© 2020, Cozy Quiet Corner.

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