Tiny Tale #4


Arrested for possessing drugs, used to dull his psychometric senses, Emmet was discharged; conditional to helping the police in certain cases. And his improved credibility had lead to his involvement in the case of death of a wealthy septuagenarian.

Pain. Fear. Loneliness. Faint hope, clouded by immense disgust. The horrors of repeated assault from the daughter’s second floor bedroom threatened to overwhelm his senses.

Downstairs, Emmet’s hands shook but declared steadily, “Accidental death, sir. Bashed his head after toppling from his window.”

It was almost self-defence, his heart consoled. She deserved some peace after spending decades under an abusive monster.

Written for Friday Fictioneers hosted by Rochelle. (Write a complete story in 100 words.)

Other prompts: #FOWC– Credibility; Word of the Day– Accidental

© 2020, Cozy Quiet Corner.

28 thoughts on “Tiny Tale #4

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    1. Ideally, we shouldn’t. But in some cases, some of us do it and some cases are such that they do require to look beyond the black and white stands of prevailing justice.
      And through my characters, I just explore some legal and illegal avenues. 😛

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  1. How do you write like this? 😍
    Write a book already. ❤️🦋
    Learnt two new words today: psychometrics & septuagenarian.

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    1. I ponder on this too… Sometimes, I feel that crime and punishments don’t often fit well. Crimes are judged objectively, by those unaffected as affected ones will be biased/vengeful. But it’s difficult to sometimes judge the magnitude of the crime & its affect as many factors & lives are linked.
      So, I let my characters at times do questionable stuff. 🙈
      Thank you for reading and commenting. 😊

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