The Truth

Two men in suits entered the room with a laptop. Ellen straightened her shoulder. Despite the cool recycled air in the interrogation room, she could feel sweat starting to form on her lower back.

“Ma’am, this isn’t a silly game, you understand? These charges are serious and there’ll be consequences if you lie,” said the shorter of the two in a menacing voice, as the other turned the laptop towards her.

She opened her mouth to claim her innocence yet again, but their expression told her that it might backfire. She’d already tried the route of repudiation with the junior officials.

The screen showed video footage of an officer removing a box from their garage backroom, flipping it open. For a second she thought it was a box of fountain pens before the video stopped. “A box of highly specialised bullets, found during the raid.” A pause. “Are you a part of his network?”

“We’re not part of any such network.” A sigh. “I’ve tried calling Harry. Must be busy with the conference.”

They shared a look, before opening seven passport files onscreen. Each with Harry’s face, but under different names.

Ellen felt her entire world crash around her.

Written for Flash Fiction for the Purposeful Practitioner. A photo prompt topic is to be used as your β€˜muse’ and stories to be crafted under 200 words.

Other prompts: #RDP– Cycle; #3TC– Silly, Game & Backfire; #YDWP-Repudiate; Daily Spur– Innocence

Β© 2020, Cozy Quiet Corner.

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