A Date- 100WW

Climbing out her window, she met him at the street corner and they drove down to the beach for their date. It was their first, since he’d returned during his fall break.

Soda, sandwich and sugary confectioneries; sand below, setting sun above and the sea beyond. They spoke and laughed, months of strained communication evaporating in the cool autumn air.

“It’s fantabulous,” she sighed, looking around their spot. Feeling his intense gaze, she turned towards him.

“I’ve missed you. So much.”

She was ecstatic as his eyes conveyed what he struggled to articulate. He had fallen in love with her.

Written for 100 Word Wednesday by Bikurgurl.

Other prompts: #RDP– Fantabulous; Word of the Day– Ecstatic; #YDWP– Intense; Daily Spur– Window

Β© 2020, Cozy Quiet Corner.

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