In Search Of..

Image by Simon at Unsplash

I left a tiny dwelling, in search of serenity,
Braving the stormy seas, that tossed crafts adrift
I ventured past forests vast, housing beings diverse.

I met many-a-men, fiends and foes afew,
The pious men, with reverence and devotion
Guided me to God, to bask in His recollections.

Climbing ashy mountains, down the valley green
Met monks in monasteries, to seek their edification.

Travelling across the rolling meadows
I waded through gurgling streams
Saw a bonny lass, with her lucky lad
Strolling the fields, hand-in-hand.

From gap-toothed babblings and gummy smiles
To wizened flesh with rheumy eyes,
I met them all, as I set forth my course
To walk the road, an enlightened soul.

Waking at dawn, I walked till dusk
Gazing at midnight’s array,
I drifted off to the circada’s call.
Mystics and eccentrics,
their verses and charms aplenty,
Spoke of paths, that remained yet elusive.

But as seasons passed and months rolled away
Weary at heart, I abandoned my quest.
Dispirited I decided, to retrace my steps
To come back home, an abode that warmed my soul.

As I crossed the threshold
I envisaged the truth,
That the wisdom I’d sought
Had been there all along,
Just waiting to unravel
As I trailed through destiny’s travel.

Written for Eugi’s Weekly Prompt– Home Sweet Home.

I’m late in posting this poem but it was also inspired by Sue Vincent’s Thursday Photo Prompt– Serenity.

Other prompts: #YDWP– Pious;

© 2020, Cozy Quiet Corner.

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