A Moment of Passion

Written for Tuesday Writing Challenge for Go Dog Go Cafe. Prompt: Write a piece of prose or poetry that ends with in the end, we were just a moment.

I’m very late in posting this poem, but I’d written bits and pieces of it, and left it in my drafts. And then I got busy with my classes and studies. Just managed to complete it now, so posting it.

Wine drops cling to rose pink lips
Blush’s touch hidden by rouge tinged cheeks;
Kohl rimmed lashes flutter in coyed fluster
As smouldering gazes lock across a long table.

An ardent embrace shared,
amidst pleasure spiked air;
As we dipped our toes,
in lust’s pool long ago.

Ruby wine spilt,
on marbled ivory floor;
Forgotten in the haze,
of desire’s forbidden maze.
Sighs and moans were spilled,
room echoing with amore;
The fire had cast its glow,
on glistening flesh caught in throes.

Searing touches had lingered,
on petal soft skin after
Writhing bodies had stilled,
on fluffy rugskin later.
That passionate night,
when ardor cast its net
We were swept by the wave,
caught in longing’s blaze.

But a brief moment’s yearning,
flickered like a flame in breeze;
A crystalline moment of fervour,
melted before love’s inferno.

In the pale light of morn, as life came to call
We parted our ways, two travellers unknown;
Not a word, nary a glance at the other
As in the end, we were just a moment.

© 2020, Cozy Quiet Corner.

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