Blogging Insights- Stats

Dr Tanya, of Salted Caramel posed these questions on Blogging Insights #47 Traffic and Stats.

Image by Carlos at Unsplash

How important is your blog traffic to you? How often do you check your stats?

In my first month of blogging, I was very fascinated with the stats to see how my blog was performing- the likes, views, comments and the graph comparing daily performance. I checked several times a day.

But now, I just glance at it once a day. I guess having read many posts about the futility of believing in the stats as the standard of blog popularity has made me stop putting much stock into it.

Which part of your blog traffic, the views, likes, comments or follows, is important for you personally? Which of these do you think is most important for your blog? (these could both be the same)

If I had to list according to personal importance, it would be comments, likes, views and then follows.

As stated in an earlier post of Blogging Insights, I love reading and replying to comments, whether on my posts or others. And the no. of likes makes me feel good that these many people have liked my post (though I’ve come to know that there are some people who like posts without reading them).

Though I’m grateful for my followers, I find it strange that the no. of likes and comments are very few as compared to the no. of follows that my blog has received.
Regardless, I’m very happy that my blog has a regular group of followers who read my posts and comment on them. I enjoy interacting with them.

On this note, I’m happy to announce that Cozy Quiet Corner has crossed 200 followers. Thank you everyone!!

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