A Deal for the Throne

Image- Edmond @Pexels

The deal was important for her organisation, there was no doubt about it. But as the negotiations kept dragging beyond their estimated timeline, she gradually became aware that this client, who no doubt fancied themselves as their biggest rival in the market, were pushing her boundaries simply to see her, the new girl flounder.
Or there was something else going? Her girl-Friday Jenna’s raised eyebrow questioned her.

So, Jenna did what she excelled at- snooped and dug deep, to uncover that which had been carefully hidden.

The next meeting, officially the last one where the new Director would sign the agreement and unofficially where Ms Elena Deveron, orphaned daughter of the founder, tasted her second major failure since her promotion.

Chairman D’cruz and Steven Deveron prowled into the conference room, trying to imitate predators playing with their cornered prey.
“Let’s end this charade, dear niece. Enough time and money has been wasted, neither of which you can afford to lose, innit?” Just another strike would make the Board boot the brat out of her throne, which should have been mine by right, Steven thought.

She would have been blindsided by his appearance in this meeting had Elena not combed through Jenna’s findings all night.

“We may seem a small organisation, Chairman D’cruz but we’re both aware that Deveron is the fastest growing one, and with reason.” D’cruz let his silence speak for him. “Our loyalty and efficiency has gained us some powerful allies who would make your international ventures tad difficult,” Elena’s smile turned sharp, as the man flushed pink in anger.
“Not to mention, some of your less than stellar vices that have been brushed under the carpet,” -manicured nails drummed on a manila folder- “might come out if the house-cleaning service arrived.”

As the younger man pounced on the folder, she turned her attention to the snake in her own house. “I remember you saying once, ‘You’re nothing but a child pretending to play at politics beyond your imagination.’ But you seem to forget, dear uncle,”-the sunlight streaming from the window caught her pale hair, making it shine like a golden halo- “that curious children often uncover the secrets that adults try desperately to hide.”

Fifteen minutes later, Deveron’s new queen leaned back against her throne as a subdued executive and an unemployed elderly man exited her room.

Jackals, no matter how clever they thought of themselves, could never defeat a lioness by themselves.

Written for Go Dog Go Cafe’s Tuesday Writing Prompt Challenge– Write a piece of prose or poetry that uses the words child, predators, and politics

Other prompts: #FOWC– Rivalry; Word of the Day– Catching; #3TC– Once & Clever; #YDWP– Excel

© 2020, Cozy Quiet Corner.

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  1. If you ever doubt yourself re read all that you’ve written up until now. You are an incredible writer…💓❤️🦋🌈😘😘😘😘😘
    And whatta story! Love reading about such women. Putting arrogant men in their place. 🤣👍

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