The Blind Date

Written for MLMM’s Wordle #209
Élan- dash;
Asunder- into separate parts; in or into pieces
Oddity- an odd or remarkably unusual person, thing, or event.

Other prompts: #FOWC– Dumbfounded; #RDP– Serious; #3TC– Rivalry, Blood & Gain; #YDWP– Onus

Image- Matthieu at Unsplash

“Are you serious, Rishi?” Sameer admonished, exasperated with his friend as he ignored his advice for the third time. He followed Rishi to the corridor that led to the door of his apartment. “I’m warning you, you’ll rue going to this blind date. You don’t even know her name.” Sameer felt the onus to stop his foolish friend from getting hurt was on him; despite their friendly rivalry, he did care for the impulsive, rich boy.

Sameer’s a worry-wart , Rishi thought as he drove away. There was nothing to gain by living in a cloud of worry, life was meant to embrace all sorts of opportunities.
As far as his date was concerned, he’d planned an élan affair for the girl another friend had set him up with. And no matter what Sameer said, a blind date was hardly an oddity.

God, she’s hot!‘ was all Rishi could think of as a pretty girl in a strapless dress entered the restaurant. As her red lipstick clad lips stretched into a smile and she gave him a tight hug in greeting, Rishi could feel his blood rush south. All through appetizers and the main course, she laughed at his jokes and stroked his thighs whenever there was a lull in conversation.

By the time they were ready to order desserts, Rishi felt certain that this was going to be the best date of his life.
“Why don’t we get desserts somewhere else?” She murmured with a wink. He was all to happy to comply, thinking of having her all to himself in a less public place. The couple exited the restaurant, crossing a secluded path to walk towards an ice-cream parlour.

It took a full minute for a dumbfounded Rishi to realise that he was looking at the business end of a pistol, held by his sexy date who looked professional as she demanded his wallet, watch and car keys. She confessed to doing this fairly regularly, as he complied after her spectacular right-hook.

In seconds she vanished from his sight. Probably zooming away in my Rolls-Royce, he thought in despair, his heart and libido crushed asunder.

© 2020, Cozy Quiet Corner.

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