Tables Turned

Written for Donna’s Sunday Photo Prompt.
Here is this week’s photo, your challenge is to use the picture as inspiration to write a story in 300 words or less.

Photo courtesy of Morguefile

Leaning against a tree trunk, the lanky boy watched two figures approach him, the basket-ball captain and his girlfriend.

“Did you get them, big eyes?” the athlete growled, as the girl gave him a sultry smile. The first year student took some papers out of his bag-pack, which was promptly swiped by the girl while the other waited, eyeing him menacingly. If they thought that this deserted spot would scare him, they really were foolish.

“These’re just the record expunge!” she cried out. “Where are the term papers?”
“You’re gonna regret this, you freak!” The buff man screamed, advancing on the younger man.

The Psychology major, a computer whiz-kid, had been the target of bullying throughout high school and was no stranger to threats of bodily harm. But now, the bespectacled ‘nerd’ had finally learnt to stand up for himself. These two were just like his school bullies; cowards who prowled in groups, trying to humiliate and dominate others for an illusion of control and power.

Calmly he took out his phone and played two videos for them in quick succession; breathy moans replaced by loud, boisterous voices.
“If you or any of your lackeys do anything to me, these will be automatically uploaded to the internet and sent to the authorities simultaneously. And by this, I mean any harm that befalls my friends or myself.”
After all, distribution and consumption of drugs on campus and sexual intercourse with a professor were serious, criminal offences.

As he turned to leave the angry duo, he smirked, “You should’ve thought twice before threatening and bullying a ‘specky geek’.”

(266 words)

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