Blogging Insights- Distractions

Dr Tanya, of Salted Caramel posed these questions on Blogging Insights #50 Distractions.

What distracts you from blogging? Apart from family and work (unless yours is a business blogwhat factors or forces prevent you from creating content?

I need a quiet ambience to write my posts as well as the rough ideas that spring to my mind after I see a prompt or a picture.

Any kind of loud noise like the TV, people loudly chatting near me, distracts me and I lose my train of thought. Also, being called over to help with small tasks or shopping etc. (every 10 mins or so) is really annoying, especially when I’m editing my post.
These days, I often create my posts after dinner, when I’m not expected to help with household chores and my room is free from my sister’s invasion.

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11 thoughts on “Blogging Insights- Distractions

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  1. That’s why i call you a nuit chouette🦉
    Even with all the disturbances you mentioned, you are doing a great job with the blog. ❤️🦋😘 Keep it up!

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