The Capture

A week ago, he’d cropped up on the Bureau’s radar, just when the rumours of the network planning an attack surfaced. Thus, Ellen had to sit before a room full of dour officials again.

She arrived at the designated spot and looked him over. ‘Harry’ looked good, despite being on the run from the authorities for two years.

“State Library, guest locker #42. Bring what’s inside. I’ll tell you when and where,” he rattled of expressionlessly, turning to leave.
Since the reveal of his criminal connections had cost her reputation and job, any semblance of love had evaporated. Now, her phantasm of a hope for an explanation for her ruined life was crushed.

“I love you.”

She gave a tight hug just as the officers surrounded him.
His hands reached for the gun she’d deftly removed.

Handcuffed, he looked at her open her top two buttons, to reveal the wire.

(150 words)

This the sequel to a story I had previously published. You can read it here- ‘The Truth’.

Written for Crispina’s Crimsons Creative Challenge #100 where we have to write an original creative piece in 150 words or less.

Other prompts: #3TC– Button & Crop; Word of the Day– Phantasm

Β© 2020, Cozy Quiet Corner. All rights reserved.

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