The Ultimate Victory

The image below is from Corey Agopian at Unsplash.

“The voter turnout has been phenomenal,” the news anchor smiled for the camera, waving his hands as he went on to describe the country’s first democratic election after the transition from so-called dictatorship. “For the first time, our nation has seen such diverse groups exercising their political rights.”
The screen then cut to the excited voters waving at the cameras, standing in line to cast their votes and choose their leader; a novelty for most.

As the votes were counted for the next two days and the country eagerly awaited their new President, the Supreme Leader-turned-Presidential candidate tried to turn the tide in his favour through his rousing speeches and nasty comments.
From intimidation to rumour mongering and outright lying, he tried his best to incite public unrest.

As the result of the secret ballot was divulged and the leader of the National Resistance Movement won by a wide margin, the citizens took to the streets in celebration.
The news channels had a blast, comparing this video footage to the nationwide protests from two years ago, when the citizens had clashed with the armed personnel under the Supreme Leader in their demand for civil rights.

“We should have gone with bribery and polling-booth capturing, instead of mud-slinging!” Having lost the election, the fledging politician shouted at his party-workers. Money and violence had been the cornerstone of his reign, but in a bid to turn over a new leaf, he’d experimented with the political way of smoke and mirrors. “This wasn’t just an error, it was a grave mistake that cost us the election.”

“He’s a fool if he thinks his temper-tantrums in the last few days were the only reason,” a secretary murmured to her colleague, as they lounged at the back of a huge auditorium at the party headquarters.
“News flash dear,” the other replied, watching the man at the front rant and rave. “He was a fool and a bully, with power and sycophants to enforce his madness upon us. Now, he’s still one, just without the back-up.”

Written for Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge #90.

Other prompts: #YDWP– Divulge; #RDP– Diversity; #3TC– Smoke, Flash & Error; Word of the Day– Count; Daily Spur– line

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