Their Bond

Written for MLMM’s Photo Challenge #340, hosted by Nekneeraj.

Photo by Oleg Zaicev on

Amira emerged from the bathroom, rubbing her long wet hair with a towel as she glanced at the clothes laid on her bed.
“Does the yellow top go with the red skirt?” she asked, switching on the hair dryer for a quick blow-dry. “Or should I wear the new cream puff-sleeved one?”

With a quick glance at the memorabilia placed at the headboard of her bed, she changed into the red-cream combination. “Yeah, you’re right. This is much better.” The cut of the skirt highlighted her long legs, while the pale cream blouse accentuated the bright red.
A twirl in front of the full length mirror later, she teased, “Your sense of fashion has improve, sis.”

Alisha had been an amateur photographer, with dreams of travelling and documenting the unexplored regions of the world. The loss of the 23 year old had been devastating to the family. While her father had immersed himself into his work, her mother had become deeply religious and withdrawn; leaving Amira to cope with this enormous loss on her own.

After mourning for a few days, Amira had realised that Alisha would always be there for her; if not in the flesh, then in spirit. Her parents had initially thought of it as a mental aberration, when Amira spoke to the air as though conversing with her dead sister. They stopped entering their younger daughter’s room months later, uncomfortable with the photographic homage to their elder one.

And just as she would have, if Alisha was alive, Amira couldn’t help provoking her sister. “Remember that Parikrama concert you missed coz of term finals?”

Finished with her make-up, Amira collected her handbag.
“Guess what? I got tickets for this weekend!” Flashing the tickets, a playful smile on her lips.

“Now, while I enjoy their electrifying performance with my guy, you can have fun staring at my walls and going green with envy.”
And with a wave and a kiss, she rushed out.

Death couldn’t break the bond that was birthed by life and woven by blood.

Other prompts: #FOWC– Aberration; #YDWP– Switch; #RDP– Emerge; #3TC– Better, Crisp & Cut; Word of the Day– Provoke; Daily Spur– Concert

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