And in The End..

Inspired by MLMM’s Tale Weaver– The End and incorporating Paula’s Thursday Inspiration #82– Space.

And in the end,
the two became three
As her scent pervaded these walls,
wafting off your skin;
She crossed the very threshold
that I’d once marked in red.

And in the end,
there was just us
Two souls lying on far ends
in the space between us;
She took form
as you dreamt her into existence,
her essence staining the sheets.

And in the end,
we drifted through life
A marionette to time,
strings pulled to lie,
As desires peeked
hidden behind curtains.

And in the end,
we remained as we were
two strangers bound by matrimony;
Under a roof as we faced the other
heavy sighs and half filled eyes,
Between us lay a chasm
barren, broken and burnt.

NOTE: Mark in red– In India, there is a tradition where the new bride steps across the threshold of her marital home by leaving red footprints. (milk/water mixed with red pigment).

© 2020, Cozy Quiet Corner. All rights reserved.

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