TWT- 12

I may perish, but my story shall live on; running wild in imagination’s field and burning the lamp of inspiration.

Written for Bulbul’s Twenty Word Tuesday #33- Story

Β© 2021, Cozy Quiet Corner. All rights reserved.

30 thoughts on “TWT- 12

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      1. You’re most welcome, dear.
        Physically…it’s getting better with everyday (thank god for that), but mentally….I don’t know…I’ve been better. But nothing to worry about, it’s alright.
        How are you?

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        1. I’m in a better place as of now, but the last few months had been stressful. Added to that my family tested positive, so those days were tough.
          Now, they’ve recovered and everything is fine. I’m back to blogging too…

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          1. I can understand that completely, Priya. Last few months have been tough for most of us but I am very glad to know that your parents have recovered. That’s what matters.
            I am also back, but I am still taking it slow. Take care and stay safe, girl!

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