Excerpt from a Letter- #WDYS

Image- Sadje

Dear Ramya,

Coming back to town after two decades should have felt like a warm embrace, instead it feels strange. The same buildings and grounds now sport new faces, such strange tones and foreign smells…

Standing at your favourite spot near the pier, the familiar rushing sounds of the waves led me down the memory lanes of our childhood. Do you remember waiting on your balcony on sultry Sunday afternoons, eagerly awaiting the bell announcing the ice-cream cart? I still remember you teasing me for always ordering the orange ice-stick..

If I am ever asked to narrate the start of our friendship, I don’t think I would have the words or a specific memory to do so. All I can remember is a decisive girl with shining eyes, determined to befriend the shy boy sitting behind her in the classroom

From just a classmate you became my best friend over the years; discounting the six months we refused to speak after our fight over the changes to the Hamlet script in 9th grade. See? I still remember it, though you might refuse to accept…

… I am reminded of the transitory nature of human relationships. I wouldn’t say I regret keeping those words to myself, lest it changed our bond irrevocably. But now, as I stand under a partly cloudy sky, I think of what ifs… I may never know your answer, for I lacked the courage to confess then as I lack the courage to seek you out at present…
… A week later, I had convinced myself that the distance between us was your doing, a silent refusal to the unspoken desire you had seen in my eyes. Oh, what I would do to go back in time..

… hope that perhaps someday you shall stand beside me, the spark in your eyes outshining the glittering sunlight reflected on these waters.

Always yours


Written for Sadje’s #Whatdoyousee.
Other prompts: #FOWC– transitory; #RDP– friend; #3TC– tone, script; Word of the Day– relationship; Daily Spur– classroom

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