Tiny Tale #7


Two figures stood near the lake, beneath a tree.

“It’s a strange play of nature.” Joanna commented wryly, peering at the overcast sky.

” ‘Twas a summer day when we met. Quite hot, wasn’t it?”
Mike remembered that day quite well. The air conditioning had broken down at the cafe; but even flushed and sweaty with frizzy hair, she’d been the most beautiful girl there.

“Followed by a spring wedding.. I still remember the lovely blossoms.” He had been a vision in black tuxedo. Joanna continued her musings, “It makes sense that our farewell would have a gloomy setting.”

Caressing her bare ring finger, she turned to look at him at last. Same hazel eyes, with an additional hardness in them now.
Wordlessly, they exchanged the heirloom rings, just like seven years ago.

The heavens opened as they parted ways.

Written for Crimson’s Creative Challenge #134, hosted by Crispina.

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