The Confident Professor

Image- Antenna at Unsplash

The temp professor felt quite confident as he strutted down the hall towards the tutorial room. It was a selected group, just a few kids who had most probably requested a revision session for their upcoming exams.
I can handle this with my eyes closed, John chuckled internally.

Entering the small room, John settled his possessions before delivering a dismissive glance at his audience. It amused him to see them regard him silently, wide-eyed and attentive as though eager to grasp everything he imparted. Clearing his throat, he launched into a lecture using as many complex terms as he could incorporate. He could see a few frowns and glances exchanged, but skipping the introduction- both of himself and the topic, was a tactic he felt would make him seem like a seasoned instructor.

Meanwhile, the students steadily grew restless as the overweening man continued speaking, his lecture feeling like a rigmarole. On top of that, his pale skin covered in tight, black clothes from top to bottom and shuffling around the room from one end to the other made him seem positively ghoulish.

Unable to bear it for another 40 minutes, Adriana interrupted him with a doubt. As soon as she was dismissed, others chimed in with their questions, that progressively started to verge on the ridiculous. It was clear that they were conspicuous in their effort to disrupt the class, but John perceived it as a ploy to humiliate him.

Opting for an affronted tone, John rebuked them and swept across to make a dramatic exit. Yet it failed spectacularly when he had to re-enter the classroom to collect his things amidst gales of laughter.


Written for Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge.
Other prompts: #FOWC– conspicuous; #YDWP– impart; #RDP– rigmarole (succession of confused, meaningless sentences); #3TC– amusing, kid

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