Words and Meanings

I’ve combined these prompts: Shweta’s Six Word Story Prompt where the theme is Miracle and
MLMM’s Saturday Mix where we have to use opposite words in our response
– shelter and expose
– consonant and vowel

Magic of miracle depends on belief.

A miracle unparalleled: birth of life

Image- Jan at Unsplash

If Shanti was ever asked to talk about her mother, now dead for more than a decade; she would narrate a few nuggets of wisdom learnt under her mother’s knee.

“Just as vowels and consonants are both needed to make words, one needs both trust and respect to build a solid relationship.” Her chapped lips would twist into a smirk, a faraway look in her eyes.

Expose the downpour of jealousy, pain and rage and let it evaporate from your mind like dewdrops on leaves. But remember to shelter and learn your lesson from those memories, lest you become foolish enough to repeat them.” A wrinkled, bent finger pointed at her nose, squinted eyes trying to determine if the recipient had understood the meaning behind the words.

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