Colours of Cosmos #WDYS

Written for Sadje's What Do You See #47. Does this picture inspire you to write something? I've experimented while writing this poem and in each line, I've tried to include a word starting with 'C'Looking at this picture, I imagined the colours as though they were born from white and black; painting the world in... Continue Reading →

Autumn Leaf Farewell

Image by Zach at Unsplash When death comes for meI shall be free,Rigor shall set its paceWhen last sparks peter out in grace. Adorn me not in jewelsNor cover the corpse with blooms,Stage me not in a roomLet there not be gloom. Worn by temporal painI left to dance in the rain;These invisible scars in... Continue Reading →

A Moment of Passion

Written for Tuesday Writing Challenge for Go Dog Go Cafe. Prompt: Write a piece of prose or poetry that ends with in the end, we were just a moment. I'm very late in posting this poem, but I'd written bits and pieces of it, and left it in my drafts. And then I got busy with... Continue Reading →

Way To Go

-Google Hub Photo Frame The fall of the foggy veil,Obscures the sight from my gaze;Of these shining relics of grandeur, Symbolising strength to endure. Riding with the gushing waters below,The darkness seems to grow;And standing by the bridge I know,The bright lights shall guide the path to go. Written for Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge #82.... Continue Reading →

Secrets of the Sand- #WDYS

Image credit: Dan Grinwis- Unsplash These mysteries, secrets and liesLay buried in the sands of timeAwait their moment to rise. Death, trailing in the shadowed disguiseJudges our paths begrimeThese mysteries, secrets and lies. Jewels, gems and most prized dimesThat men sought, lost to torrid climeAwait their moment to rise. Broiling, the land where water driesMirages,... Continue Reading →

In Search Of..

Image by Simon at Unsplash I left a tiny dwelling, in search of serenity,Braving the stormy seas, that tossed crafts adriftI ventured past forests vast, housing beings diverse. I met many-a-men, fiends and foes afew,The pious men, with reverence and devotionGuided me to God, to bask in His recollections. Climbing ashy mountains, down the valley... Continue Reading →

My Valentine

Image by luizclas at Pexels I have loved you for a long timeSo, will you be my valentine?A ring on your finger bareTo show you my utmost careLet time's spell hold its swayAs we dance the night awayI have loved you for a long timeSo, will you be my valentine? Written for Mindlovemisery's Menagerie Saturday... Continue Reading →

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