Image by Greg at Unsplash Rains are the way, the heaven cleansAway, the strains of a hot summer's dayInhaling the petrichor, I lounge by the doorNot to miss, as you emerge through the clouds.Basking in the misty sun's raysOh, all your colourful waves displayedWhat a splendid vistas you make. Written for Paula's Thursday Inspiration #72-... Continue Reading →

Rose Blossom Frost

Photo by Juanjo Menta on Pexels.com It was much debated,the doom befalling the world;Would it end in icy white,or yield to dark raging fire? But beyond the realms of passionand the reach of cold cunning;Lies a field forgotten,bathed in streaks of grey. And in there resides,these creations of colours;The ones beyond the norm,that fail to be... Continue Reading →


Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com These moments in timea turn of the seasonWhen summer's fallen asleepand winter's yet to awaken. Into fall's handsfalls the yellow leaves Carried by autumn's breezea faint scent of monsoon bygone. As the frosty months of darknessloom above those hillsThe weakened sun slips bycasting a pallor bleak. So rejoice in the... Continue Reading →

Those Twilight Memories

Image: Alex Fu at Pexels I stood still, on a road desertedHaving travelled far, still miles to goI look back not, as memories surroundIn twilight's silence, my midnight madness. I'd sampled love, under the cherry blossom treeAnd drowned my soul, in the whirlpools of lustUnafraid of thunder, I'd forged ahead Broke those rules, for you... Continue Reading →

The Sun and The Moon

These two poems were inspired by Go Dog Go Caf├ęs Tuesday Writing prompt- Catch the sunlight and Free Verse Revolution's August Writing prompt- Half moon shadows. Image from pixabay Sun and moonTwo halves of a whole;Eternally separatedUnited in farewell.The dusk bids adieuTo a weary dipping sun;As the twinkling twilight starsEmerge on a purpling sky.Dawn heralds... Continue Reading →

Dreaming Shadows

Creeping through crevicesThe shadows danceDislodging the dreamsTerror's tyranny traumatises. Fearing fracture My fragile psyche escapesInto the maze, trailing behindThese monsters of mindSoundless spirits, shrouded in shadeHaunt the hallwaysAs I walk through my day. But after darkMy defenceless dreamsFlicker and fragmentDissolve into dust. Longer and largerLooming in the lanesThey guide my destinyAs I wade through their... Continue Reading →

Music- #FDDA

Image from Spencer at Unsplash Come dance with meJust you and I;Twirling in an unsung melodyLyrics: our emotions in tune. Come find me soonAs I delve into my soul;Follow the strings of the chordThat binds our song. Let's twist and turnTo the beat in each verse;And usher into the worldThe symphony of our love. Inspired... Continue Reading →

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