3Line Tales #10

Written for Sonya's Three Line Tales #243. Write three lines inspired by the photo prompt.. photo by Dave Goudreau via Unsplash Yes, we dreamers and believers, having kept faith with you despite your blatant misuse of authority, have finally woken up to join the wave of protests that some brave souls started. Along with your loud speeches of... Continue Reading →

Megalith- #WWP

Uncivilized, Unenlightened- we called those who were born before the dawn of civilization. Yet they lived in peace, cradled in nature's womb. They spoke not, but they expressed- through unrefined scratches in caves. And built with stones that which echoed with power throughout history of time. The giant megaliths. Written for Sammi Cox's Weekend Writing... Continue Reading →

Trees- #100WW

Standing below the trees, in the woods behind my resort, I breathed in the fresh air. Away from my hectic life full of commitments and deadlines, I felt the surrounding silence soothe my soul. The cool breeze stirred the leaves, as though coaxing them of old secrets. Bracket branches, reach for the sky;Awaken viridians, rushling... Continue Reading →

1 Min Fiction #2

Lying down on the pavement, head on my rucksack, I observe the people rushing about. Hurrying everywhere. Heads down, scrolling through their phone.Some wear headphones. So busy with their lives, no time to stop. To observe. To learn. To breathe. To realise, to enjoy. You're alive! Written for Cyranny's 1 Min Fiction. What’s the "One... Continue Reading →

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