This is for Bikurgurl's 100 Word Wednesday #173. Days after the landslide, some of the shops at the local market were opened. A young lad came up to stand beside the fruit seller, offering him garden picked beautiful flowers. He accepted with a smile, patting the boy. Wishing him a good day, the boy departed;... Continue Reading →

Image- Bikurgurl They ride back home was tensed and silent. So, Kamala's interest was piqued when her usually soft-spoken mother launched into an angry diatribe. "How could you behave so atrociously, Dileep?" his wife hissed. "You turned their anniversary celebration into a ruckus, despite my request to let bygones be bygones." Dileep scoffed, as the... Continue Reading →

Trees- #100WW

Standing below the trees, in the woods behind my resort, I breathed in the fresh air. Away from my hectic life full of commitments and deadlines, I felt the surrounding silence soothe my soul. The cool breeze stirred the leaves, as though coaxing them of old secrets. Bracket branches, reach for the sky;Awaken viridians, rushling... Continue Reading →

Refuse- 100WW

As if returning to work after a decade long hiatus wasn't enough, the editors were sending her to the Middle East- the hotbed of political upheaval and civil strifes. Covering the upcoming re-elections and the on-going protests would be quite a challenge; if only her family understood. She understood their concerns. Yet this assignment was... Continue Reading →

A Date- 100WW

Climbing out her window, she met him at the street corner and they drove down to the beach for their date. It was their first, since he'd returned during his fall break. Soda, sandwich and sugary confectioneries; sand below, setting sun above and the sea beyond. They spoke and laughed, months of strained communication evaporating... Continue Reading →

Change of Choice- 100WW

Two friends met after ages. "Let's hit the Red Dragon Inn, for old times sake. What say?" Steve suggested. They'd created some good memories there. After they'd drifted apart, circumstances had changed Bill. But good old Steve was still the same, planning to get drunk at 10 am. Besides, alcohol and medicines didn't mix well.... Continue Reading →

Introspection- 100WW

Rima entered her bedroom and stood still. Her flight to Prague stood cancelled as her project was assigned to Raymond. So, she was technically free for the next week; but was at a loss. What to do now? The rooms were a mess; indicative of her hectic professional life. Or maybe reflecting her neglected personal... Continue Reading →

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