1 Min Fiction #8

What did I not do to stop you from going away today? Scratched your hand, dropped a hairball or two all over your pristine suit, knocked over your coffee and chewed your bag strap. Still, you're determined to leave me, huh? Now I'm gonna sit in front of your car and glare, till you don't... Continue Reading →

1 Min Fiction #7

She loved sunsets.The splash of pink and orange painted across sky, the cool breeze, the tiny ripples in the usually calm waters. A whine drew his attention down to his companion. Sitting on his haunches, Sam patted him and whispered, "Yeah, I miss her too" Written for Cyranny's "One Minute Fiction" challenge.What is it? Each... Continue Reading →

1 Min Fiction #6

When the day seems long and your spirits are down, a kind word goes a long way, to bring a smile. Just believe in yourself, you'll find the way;Now, mind your step Oh! What does it say? Written for Cyranny's "One Minute Fiction" challenge.What is it? Each week I’ll provide a prompt to inspire you... Continue Reading →

1 Min Fiction #5

Stepping into the balcony wearing just his pyjama bottoms, Donald took in the sight of a girl leaning against the balustrade. Clad in his white shirt, cradling a cup of coffee, rumpled hair framing a sleepy face devoid of any cosmetics, the sunrays shining on her made her look ethereal.This girl, of his dreams. Sliding... Continue Reading →

1 Min Fiction #4

Rick gently guided his blindfolded girlfriend out of the car, turning her to face the entrance. "You can open your eyes now," he said, tugging the cloth off her face. Violet's eyes sparkled, as her lips broke into wide grin. "You brought me to a carnival!" She squealed, giving him a big hug. He remembered,... Continue Reading →

1 Min Fiction #3

Manik sat before the departure gate 3 at the domestic terminal, texting his friend. Dude, it's so weird. Like all the seats are empty next to me here & behind me too. Kinda spooky with so few people in such a big waiting area. Yeah, people are scared to travel, man. You're quite brave to... Continue Reading →

1 Min Fiction #2

Lying down on the pavement, head on my rucksack, I observe the people rushing about. Hurrying everywhere. Heads down, scrolling through their phone.Some wear headphones. So busy with their lives, no time to stop. To observe. To learn. To breathe. To realise, to enjoy. You're alive! Written for Cyranny's 1 Min Fiction. What’s the "One... Continue Reading →

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