TWT #13

I dreamt of your laughter, echoing in our garden as you sat on your favourite swing, beckoning me to follow. Written for Bulbul's Twenty Word Tuesday #34 - Garden

TWT- 12

I may perish, but my story shall live on; running wild in imagination's field and burning the lamp of inspiration. Written for Bulbul's Twenty Word Tuesday #33- Story © 2021, Cozy Quiet Corner. All rights reserved.

Combo Post

I'm combining two different prompt posts into one here, as I'm really busy this month. 😦 And added to that, I'm facing trouble finding inspiration this week, for the lovely prompts that I usually write for.This is for Mindlovemisery's Menagerie Heeding Haiku- New Beginnings and Bulbul's Twenty Word Story Prompt- Electric Cullan Smith @ Unsplash... Continue Reading →

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