3LineTales #7- Lost and Found

photo by Mennie via Unsplash "Should we buy the black one or the grey? What do you think, shona?" Rupsha asked as she compared both the stereo systems, the Croma assistant patiently waiting behind her. Not getting a verbal reply, she turned to find her daughter missing which incited a frantic search through the second floor of... Continue Reading →

3LineTales #6- Picture

Her grandfather had taken this picture, of a locale known for its natural beauty; back when the Earth was still resplendid and thriving. Indigo dissipating from the sky as the rising sun dappled the fields in purple and lavender; the distant mountains a silent witness to God's miracles. Sitting before her holo-screen, Ziera sighed; with... Continue Reading →

3Line Tales #5- Love’s Tune

This is for Sonya's Three Line Tales Week #234. Write three lines inspired by the photo prompt... photo by Calum MacAuley Leaving behind his teaching post at the Music Academy, he took to playing at various cruises and yachts. It was not appreciation or applause that he yearned for; it was the hope that the gentle waves... Continue Reading →

3LineTales #4- Art of Memory

This is for Sonya's Three Line Tale Week 233. Write three lines inspired by the photo prompt... photo by Miguel Bruna Standing at the junction of memory lane, he stared at the graffitis adorning the southern wall of the old warehouse. He could almost smell the fresh paint wafting from the walls, as the ghosts of... Continue Reading →

3LineTales #3: Quacky Observations

For Sonya's Three Line Tale Week #232. Write three lines inspired by the photo prompt... photo by Thomas Despeyroux via Unsplash I had once been an essential part of the bathing routine of the chubby human, who would yell out "ucky" as he grabbed me and splash around the tub, trying to swim like me. But now,... Continue Reading →

Three Line Tale #2

This is for Sonya's Three Line Tale Week 231. Write three lines inspired by the photo prompt... photo by Lerone Pieters via Unsplash In her dreams, she saw the gigantic huts, called skyscrapers, loom against the orange sky in those vast villages known as cities. Everyday she would travel to work in a two wheeled contraption- a bicycle,... Continue Reading →

Three Line Tales #1

This is in response to 3LineTales Week 230 by Sonya. photo by K. Mitch Hodge via Unsplash Tilting her head to stare at the gate with its cautionary sign above, she wondered, 'Have I shrunk overnight?' It seemed the giants were at work again, secretly trying to invade their world through this connector gateway. She thought there... Continue Reading →

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