1 Min Fiction #8

What did I not do to stop you from going away today? Scratched your hand, dropped a hairball or two all over your pristine suit, knocked over your coffee and chewed your bag strap. Still, you're determined to leave me, huh? Now I'm gonna sit in front of your car and glare, till you don't... Continue Reading →

1 Min Fiction #7

She loved sunsets.The splash of pink and orange painted across sky, the cool breeze, the tiny ripples in the usually calm waters. A whine drew his attention down to his companion. Sitting on his haunches, Sam patted him and whispered, "Yeah, I miss her too" Written for Cyranny's "One Minute Fiction" challenge.What is it? Each... Continue Reading →

Catty Thoughts

You there, hooman! Yes, you. Thought you could prevent us from coming here, didn't you? Well, tough luck. See my pretty claws and sharp teeth? I'll put them to good use if you try to oust me from my spot. After months cooped up in my care-taker's small flat, I need my dose of natural... Continue Reading →

Mel’s Forest Adventure- #WDYS

Image credit- Lewis Roberts- Unsplash They were in a forest. Like literally in a forest. Could you believe it? I mean who wants to go camping in a forest for their holidays? Her family, that's who. "It's safe here, honey" her dad had reassured her while they were unloading their bags from the rented van.... Continue Reading →

He Found At Last

Boden came from a family of distinguished cat-mosaps, with some unique and beautiful cat traits that manifested in each generation. Now, there were not many experimented subjects left in the world, after The Great War. So, these ani-mosaps were regarded with respect for enduring the 'mad-phase-of-experiments'. But Boden could care less about this. Now teenagers,... Continue Reading →

3LineTales #3: Quacky Observations

For Sonya's Three Line Tale Week #232. Write three lines inspired by the photo prompt... photo by Thomas Despeyroux via Unsplash I had once been an essential part of the bathing routine of the chubby human, who would yell out "ucky" as he grabbed me and splash around the tub, trying to swim like me. But now,... Continue Reading →

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