Tiny Tale #7

CCC143 Two figures stood near the lake, beneath a tree. "It's a strange play of nature." Joanna commented wryly, peering at the overcast sky. " 'Twas a summer day when we met. Quite hot, wasn't it?" Mike remembered that day quite well. The air conditioning had broken down at the cafe; but even flushed and... Continue Reading →

CCC#101 "Scared, Ronnie?" The elder girl called out, standing before a stone arched gate, rumoured to be the entrance to a witch's lair. "I'm not scared," her brother mumbled indignantly, entering after her. It was cold and dark, thin shafts of light streaming through tiny cracks. A stone gargoyle stood in the middle of the... Continue Reading →

A week ago, he'd cropped up on the Bureau's radar, just when the rumours of the network planning an attack surfaced. Thus, Ellen had to sit before a room full of dour officials again. She arrived at the designated spot and looked him over. 'Harry' looked good, despite being on the run from the authorities... Continue Reading →

Dreaming Shadows

Creeping through crevicesThe shadows danceDislodging the dreamsTerror's tyranny traumatises. Fearing fracture My fragile psyche escapesInto the maze, trailing behindThese monsters of mindSoundless spirits, shrouded in shadeHaunt the hallwaysAs I walk through my day. But after darkMy defenceless dreamsFlicker and fragmentDissolve into dust. Longer and largerLooming in the lanesThey guide my destinyAs I wade through their... Continue Reading →

The Secret Spot

This is for Crispina's Crimson’s Creative Challenge #87. We have to respond with something creative in 150 words or less. CCC#87 She entered through the illustrated brass door into the secret spot, escaping the negotiations for the future investment conducted by her mother's team in the adjacent land. With tentative steps, she explored the place,... Continue Reading →

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