3LineTales #6- Picture

Her grandfather had taken this picture, of a locale known for its natural beauty; back when the Earth was still resplendid and thriving. Indigo dissipating from the sky as the rising sun dappled the fields in purple and lavender; the distant mountains a silent witness to God's miracles. Sitting before her holo-screen, Ziera sighed; with... Continue Reading →

Reflections- #writephoto

Gokul squatted next to his field, wearing a dirty lungi and a torn vest. This summer had been a harsh one but there was still some hope for the late monsoon rains. He'd worked in the fields since he was old enough to sprinkle seeds, walking beside his father as he ploughed the Sarpanch's fields.... Continue Reading →

Tiny Tale #1

Pic by NEKNEERAJ Mom and dad were fighting again. Nothing new, as far as Siya was concerned. Initially, they'd only had a few major disagreements after getting back together. But this quarantine period saw them engaging in epic fights regularly and many a frangible items being sacrificed to prevent possible homicide. An independent woman with... Continue Reading →

A Mousy Bond- #WDYS

Image credit- Pixabay- S Hermann and F Richter "Not the green box, the black can please!" came a displeased squeak, as Kashish placed a box of cashew nuts in the food trolley. "But the it's a mega box, Stuart. It'll have more nuts than the can," the 13-year-old hissed back, even as she replaced the... Continue Reading →

The Glistening Waters-#writephoto

Alistair felt her sit next to him on the boulder, feet in the sand as they watched the sun glisten upon the waves, like a thousand diamonds scattered upon the surface of the sea. A dreamy scene, on a warm autumn evening. "You should've spent this time together," she whispered. Even without turning around, he... Continue Reading →

The Stairs Not Taken

Tatyana-Sanina at DeviantArt.com She stared at screen. The messaging app flashed his message, the notification bar showed his missed call. Glancing up from her phone, she looked around. She’d stopped at the intersection between the two subway routes. She smiled internally, just like her life. Monita knew she had to choose between the two options... Continue Reading →

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