Secrets of the Sand- #WDYS

Image credit: Dan Grinwis- Unsplash These mysteries, secrets and liesLay buried in the sands of timeAwait their moment to rise. Death, trailing in the shadowed disguiseJudges our paths begrimeThese mysteries, secrets and lies. Jewels, gems and most prized dimesThat men sought, lost to torrid climeAwait their moment to rise. Broiling, the land where water driesMirages,... Continue Reading →

Tiny Tale #4

PHOTO PROMPT © Ted Strutz Arrested for possessing drugs, used to dull his psychometric senses, Emmet was discharged; conditional to helping the police in certain cases. And his improved credibility had lead to his involvement in the case of death of a wealthy septuagenarian. Pain. Fear. Loneliness. Faint hope, clouded by immense disgust. The horrors of... Continue Reading →

Slow Motion- #TWT

Bulbul at Bulbul's Bubble hosts the Twenty Word Tuesday challenge. The theme this week was - Slow Motion. She smiled and waved, as the train left the station. Memory of her last glimpse played over, in slow motion.

Blood and Death

In silence I witnessed, Strips of flesh torn aside, Bloody footprints running beside; Swords and sticks cast away, As pale corpses littered the way. In silence I witnessed, Their dying breaths struggling to escape this world, As blood-lust comes flooding into my town; The unseen darkness flickering inside, These mundane men ravaging into the night.... Continue Reading →

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