The Stairs Not Taken

Tatyana-Sanina at She stared at screen. The messaging app flashed his message, the notification bar showed his missed call. Glancing up from her phone, she looked around. She’d stopped at the intersection between the two subway routes. She smiled internally, just like her life. Monita knew she had to choose between the two options... Continue Reading →

A Royal New Beginning

This is for Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge #72 and Tale Weaver #282- New Start. Image from Davidoasa at Once again, she was at the palace; only this time, there would be no escape. Having sorted through all the official documents, signing and stamping them according to the protocol, she wandered along the main corridor.... Continue Reading →

The Lit Lantern

The image below is from Pixabay at Pexels. Jacob waited beneath the big oak tree, the rented horse tied to its trunk, shifting and neighing. He patted the brown beast, his gaze fixed to the large hunting cabin that resided at the other end of the clearing. Every day for the last four days, he’d... Continue Reading →

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