Morning Hike with Sister

Brenda squeezed her eyes in pain, as she gingerly placed her left foot on the ground. Her decision to walk to the 'HealthLicious' Summit had seemed like a good idea last night, breaking in her new grey running shoes. "Serves you right," Brie smirked, leaning against her bicycle. "Told you to wear mom's boots for... Continue Reading →

The Truth

Two men in suits entered the room with a laptop. Ellen straightened her shoulder. Despite the cool recycled air in the interrogation room, she could feel sweat starting to form on her lower back. "Ma'am, this isn't a silly game, you understand? These charges are serious and there'll be consequences if you lie," said the... Continue Reading →

Older and Wiser

"Been fifteen years since graduation, but we're finally vacationing at a beach," Cal joked as the four friends stood watching the sunrise. "Oh my! We'd made so many plans," Susan chuckled as she listed them. "Partying all night, getting high and drunk at the same time, skinny dipping-" "-I wanted to try a threesome." Nathan... Continue Reading →

The Touch

She'd come to the park for some peace and respite from the relentless memories haunting her. The fresh air and greenery should have cleared her mind, instead it just further burdened her. These benches reminded her of her dress that day, red with yellow polka dots. A happy five year old, excited for her uncle's... Continue Reading →

Behind the Wall

MorgueFile April2020 de7d4bbd9d9bd75223d4b1456286f256 "I don't wanna explore this dump," cried a young girl of ten, as she was dragged past an old, wooden boundary wall with chipped off blue paint. Her adventurous younger sister had been curious about what lay behind the wall. Across the grass and feather strewn ground, Marina tried to wriggle out... Continue Reading →

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