Image by Greg at Unsplash Rains are the way, the heaven cleansAway, the strains of a hot summer's dayInhaling the petrichor, I lounge by the doorNot to miss, as you emerge through the clouds.Basking in the misty sun's raysOh, all your colourful waves displayedWhat a splendid vistas you make. Written for Paula's Thursday Inspiration #72-... Continue Reading →

Dreaming Shadows

Creeping through crevicesThe shadows danceDislodging the dreamsTerror's tyranny traumatises. Fearing fracture My fragile psyche escapesInto the maze, trailing behindThese monsters of mindSoundless spirits, shrouded in shadeHaunt the hallwaysAs I walk through my day. But after darkMy defenceless dreamsFlicker and fragmentDissolve into dust. Longer and largerLooming in the lanesThey guide my destinyAs I wade through their... Continue Reading →

Mindly Spirit

Unsplash image I walked ahead, following the bright rays streaming from the gaps between the canopies of the tall trees. I was getting tired, but something compelled me to forge ahead. My last memory had been of sitting before the fireplace, sipping brandy and finalising the seating arrangements; when I found myself alone, trekking in... Continue Reading →

Sunrise on Earth

Opening the door to the living room, Abeer saw his eight year old slumped on the couch, gazing at the rising sun forlornly. "Up so early? Everything ok, buddy?" He enquired softly as he came to sit beside his son, not wanting to disturb the tranquility of the moment. Rahil gave a tired smile, eyes... Continue Reading →

The Magic of Hope- #WDYS

This is in response to Sadje's What Do You See #38. Does this image inspires you to write something? Write an original story, poem or a caption. Image credit- Stefan Keller- Pixabay The elderly mage stood waiting at the stairs of the Abode; gaze affixed at the cloudy morning sky. Just then, he heard the... Continue Reading →

A Soldier’s Moon

 Image by Aron Visuals in Unsplash.com Shadib walked away from the camp fire and his comrades, towards a clearing in the heart of the Valley’s forest. A bunch of fatigued men, with dust clinging to their uniforms and traces of blood lingering around their fingers, sat around a make-shift bonfire, trading wine and stories. He’d refused... Continue Reading →

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