CCC#101 "Scared, Ronnie?" The elder girl called out, standing before a stone arched gate, rumoured to be the entrance to a witch's lair. "I'm not scared," her brother mumbled indignantly, entering after her. It was cold and dark, thin shafts of light streaming through tiny cracks. A stone gargoyle stood in the middle of the... Continue Reading →

The Magic of Hope- #WDYS

This is in response to Sadje's What Do You See #38. Does this image inspires you to write something? Write an original story, poem or a caption. Image credit- Stefan Keller- Pixabay The elderly mage stood waiting at the stairs of the Abode; gaze affixed at the cloudy morning sky. Just then, he heard the... Continue Reading →

Behind the Wall

MorgueFile April2020 de7d4bbd9d9bd75223d4b1456286f256 "I don't wanna explore this dump," cried a young girl of ten, as she was dragged past an old, wooden boundary wall with chipped off blue paint. Her adventurous younger sister had been curious about what lay behind the wall. Across the grass and feather strewn ground, Marina tried to wriggle out... Continue Reading →

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