Image by Jr Korpa at Unsplash Introspection Inward glance, I walk along mind's dusty lanesInner sanctum churns, trapped beneath icy idealsImprisoned instinct festers, caged in ivory wallsImpaled memories surface, wounds weeping redInfected emotions flood, invading psyche's tenetsInterred images, once immune to incitement, now invite impure intentionsIdentity, born of insanity This is my first attempt at... Continue Reading →

The Mind- #Reena’s Exploration Challenge

Written for Reena's Exploration Challenge #154. I watch the clear crystals, these raindrops, trail and gather at the ledge of the shed. One by one, they drip down and fall into the puddle below; purity giving way to the muddy milieu. And I ponder... In my mind, I feel the darkness gather at the edge... Continue Reading →

The ‘Feel Good’ Board- WDYS

Kyle Glenn- Unsplash This was her fourth shrink. Or companion, as the lady liked to be called. Yeah right! Some came to the psychiatrists to deterge their soul, some to seek guidance to recover from trauma, some to make sense of their thoughts. Her first had been judgemental; the second one too professional, coming off... Continue Reading →

Dr. Galaxy

Photo by Suzy Hazelwood on I love visiting Dr. Galaxy. Obviously, this wasn't his real name, but I liked to call him Dr. Galaxy. Not just because of his constellation themed office decor but the fact that he could talk about anything in the universe. From mice to spice to ice, about fashion and... Continue Reading →

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