Mystical Moon

Image- Benjamin @ Unsplash The mystical allure of moonenchants midnight gazes,Cradled in night's cocoonindulged in ardor's grace;She lures with nightingale's croonre-uniting lovers in pain,Symbolising hope she grants boonsadorned in imperfect stain. Luminescent spirit sparking lagoonshe carves path pitched dark,Her magic drawn in runesoothes souls in healing spark. At her sight we swoonglorified in ballads ancient,At... Continue Reading →

The Sun and The Moon

These two poems were inspired by Go Dog Go Cafés Tuesday Writing prompt- Catch the sunlight and Free Verse Revolution's August Writing prompt- Half moon shadows. Image from pixabay Sun and moonTwo halves of a whole;Eternally separatedUnited in farewell.The dusk bids adieuTo a weary dipping sun;As the twinkling twilight starsEmerge on a purpling sky.Dawn heralds... Continue Reading →

A Soldier’s Moon

 Image by Aron Visuals in Shadib walked away from the camp fire and his comrades, towards a clearing in the heart of the Valley’s forest. A bunch of fatigued men, with dust clinging to their uniforms and traces of blood lingering around their fingers, sat around a make-shift bonfire, trading wine and stories. He’d refused... Continue Reading →

The Moonlit Castle- #WDYS

Image Credit- Pixabay- Ariadne-a-mazed Amrita sat at the counter of the bar, nursing her drink. Though a little further away from her university campus, the quaint decor felt homely to her. This town reminded her of the rustic villages back home. And it was a relief to be away from the frantic energy and buzzing... Continue Reading →

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